Benefits of Building Expats Housing Scheme

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Housing benefit (Wohngeld) may be a government contribution towards your housing costs. It's a state subsidy intended for those on low incomes to make sure they will afford suitable housing. Generally, to qualify for housing benefits, you can't receive other benefit payments, like unemployment benefits. Housing benefit comes in two different forms.

Requirements for housing benefit (Wohngeld)

To qualify for housing benefit, you would like to fulfill the following requirements:

You live in Germany with a legitimate residence permit (if applicable).

Unemployment benefit II (Arbeitslosengeld II) or social benefit (Sozialgeld)

Injury benefit

Essential security benefits in adulthood

Cost-of-living assistance

How to apply for housing benefit

To receive housing benefits, you would like to apply to your local ex-pats housing Rotterdam benefit office (Wohngeldbehörde - often a branch of your local citizen's office). The first question that comes up when purchasing property is that public housing is safe to take a position in. It falls within the administration of municipal authorities like Capital Development Authority (CDA), Karachi Development Authority (KDA), and also Lahore Development Authority (LDA) or under a regulated administration body like Defense Housing Authority (DHA) or the Pakistan soldiers (PAF).

In that case, it's sure to be a secure investment opportunity. Also, check if the Govt authorities approve the residential scheme. If a project remains to await the government's approval, it should be enough to line off alarm bells for potential buyers. Lack of consent, more often than not, means there's a high possibility that the authorities have canceled the housing scheme.

Your safest bet is, therefore, investment in well-known, approved projects only. You Will be got to fill out a form and prove your eligibility, usually by providing a number of the subsequent documents:

Registration certificate

Proof of income (e.g., bank statements)

Rental contract or mortgage agreement

Evidence of living costs (e.g., utility bills)

Once you've got submitted your application, it'll be considered by the housing benefit authority. You’ll receive their written decision within the post, outlining the result and reasons alongside any possible prerequisites you'll get to fulfill to qualify for future housing benefit payments of expats housing Rotterdam.


Special Assistant to the Prime Minister (SAPM) on Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development (OP&HRD) Sayed Zulfikar Abbas Bukhari Monday urged the expatriates to refrain from investing within the housing societies, selling land without obtaining No Objection Certificates (NOCs) from the relevant departments.

The senator said prudent economic policies of Prime Minister Imran Khan were paying dividends because the country moved forward briskly towards industrialization. He said despite the coronavirus pandemic, the economic indicators were positive and on an upward trajectory. It had been just thanks to the vision and far-sightedness of the prime minister.

Faisal Javed said the economy was booming as exports went up, accounting for recorded surplus for the five consecutive months, and the textile industry was revived. He asked the investors to take a position enthusiastically within the country as "It is the right time to take a position in Pakistan." Tax filing for overseas Pakistanis has now been made accessible in 2019. The govt has loosened the noose around non-filers of tax returns for overseas Pakistani.

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