Top Players in F1 Qualifying Round

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Formula 1's thick but fast-paced 17-race 2020 Formula 1 season is over. To mark the end of the campaign, Race has compiled its ranking of the top 10 drivers for the F1 2020.

It is a ranking of the top 10 drivers overall and their performance in 2020 based on their machinery capacity.

Each of the three journalists in the Race - Scott Mitchell, Mark Hughes, and Ed Straw - presented their first ten ranking blinds, all of which were used to create the final top order.

The F1 kwalificatie points system was used with 25 points, which was awarded for first place, 18 for second place.

The last ten rankings do not precisely match any of the three individual lists, but all three have contributed to our analysis of the drivers below.

1 Lewis Hamilton:

SM: Whether he's starting, seizing the critical opportunity to move forward, stay calm and play long games or deploy out-of-match momentum when needed, this year was a sign of Hamilton's all-round strength. As Worst pen has said, Hamilton is worthy of his achievements because he makes a difference in essential moments. We've seen it again this year, even if it's more critical than our choice.

MPH: The role he played in keeping the team's pressure earlier this year needs to be addressed in a way that liberates the boundaries of this Race of Mercedes.

2 Max Verstappen:

It wasn't the only turkey, and it even had a killer front that wing reduction factor because one side was adjusted in the wrong direction, so the balance was completely wrong.

Turkey was the only sub-par performance of Versatile. Every other weekend he got the most out of his car. He was very, very good.

The only small element against it was that its companion was so insignificant that sometimes it is difficult to know how far Versatapen is dragging the car to incredible heights and where the car has its "natural" status!

3 Charles Leclerc:

He also eliminated teammate Sebastian Vettel and confirmed Fari's decision that he was the team's future. MPH: Lecler's peaks are impressive, the days when he takes Ferrari on a wild ride with him, and he repeatedly brings him back to the extremes of feasibility.

His qualifying leaps in the Mughals and Sakhir were astonishing, right in the Glas Valley area as far as they crossed the car's natural surface.

With the car at unknown grid locations, he naturally felt that the Race's day was driven to overcome such impossible successes and from the same place when he got rid of any opportunity in the first lap.

It was the situation, and his attitude was more than a virtue. If Ferrari made it a competitive car, it would probably end.

It's hard to criticize someone for trying the impossible and failing to pull it off when they've managed it on so many occasions

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